Who profits from Tadah, the Coworking Space with child care?

  • Mother who re-enter the work force again after three months but who would like to continue breastfeeding
  • Self-employed parents
  • Parents without care options within the family
  • Parents, who have unplanned work to get done
  • Men who would like to play an active role in the child care of their children
  • Parents looking to improve compatibiliy of their career and family.
  • Companies

Why doesn't this concept, in this magnitude, exist in Switzerland?

This is a question we have also asked ourselves. The answer? We can also only speculate. On the one hand Coworking and childcare care are two different branches of business, which each work very well on their own, but in actual fact are quite dissimilar. That is, combining the two requires conceptual work. On the other hand it is simply a matter of someone taking the first step. And as we all know: No risk, no win. We all want to win. We all want more flexibility and compatibility. 

Does this concept exist in other countries?

Yes. In Berlin juggleHUB is successful, Huckletree West in London has a (non-supervised) Kids Space and in the USA, The Wing (the most successful Coworking provider for women) started The Little Wing - Coworking with childcare for parents.

In this case, can I only work at Tadah if I bring a child to be cared for in the Kids Space?

No. With us you are also able to just co-work.

Can I bring my child to be cared for in the kids space and not work in the Tadah Coworking Space?

No. Our clients are permitted to leave the Space for a maximum of four hours per day to attend an external meeting. In principal the following rule applies: the parents work in the Coworking Space, the children are cared for in Kids Space.

Do I have to reserve my spot in the Coworking Space in advance?

No. Only the child care has to be booked in advance. 

What type of Memberships do you offer? 

You can find an overview of the Tadah-Memberships here.

Why is Tadah not a child care center with the corresponding authorization?

Because the legal guardians work under the same roof (but not in the same room), we are not required to have the relevant permit. Despite this we are only allowed to separate the parents from their children for a maximum of four hours per day. That means the parents can also go to a meeting with clients and the children to a playground. Our childcare personnel are professionally qualified and our Kids Space words with an educational concept.

How do we guarantee optimal flexibility and stability for the children at the same time?

With their presence throughout the week and with their professional qualifications, our professional team on location guarantee stability. In addition we design the program and the rooms of the Kids Space in such a way that they provide uniformity for the children. Experience also shows that while parental flexibility is important, small children also require fixed places. That means: when the children are brought to Kids Space on a regular basis, Kids Space becomes a trusted environment for them.

Will I see my child?

No, the Kids Space and the Coworking Space are on different floors. 

How old must my child be to be cared for in the Kids Space?

Tadah Kids Space cares for children from the age of 3 months up to start of school age.

Opening times & contact

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