Professional childcare and all sorts of fun.

Child Care

Kids Space

Your child should feel as comfortable with us as you do. In the Kids Space he or she can build things, play, paint, run around or dance - or just sit down and enjoy a book. There’s also a place to eat and a place to sleep. In short: While you work in the Tadah Coworking Space, your children will be professionally and lovingly taken care of in a space that is acoustically insulated so you won't hear a thing.


Creative afternoons at the Kids Space

On certain afternoons the Tadah Kids Space turns into a very special theme world. Be it for handicrafts, baking or making music - your child will be looked after professionally by us for 3.5 hours, while you simply have time to yourself. 

The afternoons take place on a weekly basis. Tickets are available below. Bookable for children aged 18 months to 6 years.

Making Christmas Gifts

We will be crafting meaningful and creative Christmas gifts with your children, while you gift yourself a Christmas gift of your own: Time to yourself.

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Baking cookies and listening to a christmas story

We will be baking cookies for an entire afternoon. A variation of traditional Swiss kinds such as Mailänderli, Spitzbuben, Brunsli. Prepare to roll, shape and decorate. Right after baking Romina Brunner-Lenzlinger reads her new book «Vom Engeli mit de rote Flügeli».

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Grittibänz Bakery

For entire afternoon the kids space will smell of yummy Grittibänzen. We will be baking the traditional Swiss bread men with your little ones. Of course every creation will be going home with its creator to enjoy.

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Child care on fair terms and discovery learning.

We aim to provide an educationally worthwhile, inspiring and creative environment for the children in our care. The main focus of our educational input is the well-being of the child and his or her individual development. We work according to the motto “Help me to do it myself".

We provide care according to the following objectives:
•    The children are recognised as individuals with their own personalities.
•    The needs of each child are recognised and handled with respect. 
•    The children are not compared with each other.
•    The childrean are given the opportunity to solve conflicts themselves.
•    The children's private shpere is respected and protected.
•    Physical activity is incorporated into the daily routine.
•    The children are involved in planning the day. 

who we care for

Ages & Groups

Children from 3 months of age are very welcome at Tadah.

In the afternoons, kindergarten children are also welcome to join us. The afternoon program is planned accordingly.


May we present our Kids Space partners:

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Opening times & contact

Opening Hours

8 am - 6 pm


Albisriederstrasse 253
8047 Zürich

Phone & E-Mail

+41 44 554 22 00


Tram 3 to Siemens; Bus 33 to Hubertus; Bus 89 to Albisrank;
Visitor parking available