Founded by mothers for parents.

about us

The founders.

Since 2016 we have been working together on our online magazine Tadah, which provides a business platform for mothers and now also fathers to ensure that questions of work/life balance are never overlooked: How can we bring families and professions as energy-efficiently as possible under one roof?

Now the time has come to bring our vision offline and to establish the work and childcare model of the future: a Coworking Space with childcare.

The Tadah Team

Sarah is by and large the Boss! She brings all the threads together, maintains the overview, never loses sight of the vision and keeps her nerve. All good reasons for her to be the front-woman of Tadah.

Sarah Steiner

CEO & Co-Founder

As a designer, Julia makes everything beautiful, from the Space to the smallest advertising details. She makes sure that, when you are with us, you feel comfortable and inspired. Julia is responsible for the total design and process planning, as well as part of the marketing.

Julia Cebreros


As a former project manager, Klara has her finger on the pulse when it comes to finances. She deals with HR, IT and a part of our cooperation. Klara is very good at staying calm.

Klara Zürcher


After a 20-year career in advertising, Diana is still doing what she does best: advertising. And now she’s doing it for the Space and for Tadah Magazine, which she is responsible for. All collaborations, PR, sales and events land on Diana’s desk.

Diana Wick


Asha is a professional Networker. And for this reason, we love her. With everything and everyone she knows, she also knows who can help whom, and she is one thing above all: a wonderful person!

Asha Pandya

Community Manager

Melanie is a ray of sunshine, which means she’s the perfect person for Tadah. She knows how to plan events, how to run projects, how to compose editorial texts, and all the while remain totally relaxed and nice. The perfect combination.

Melanie Michael

Community Manager

Fabia is godsend. She combines her studies in child education and commercial training with an engaging, affectionate nature. Fabia is actively involved in the childcare.

Fabia Hitz

Director Kids Space

With Mirjam we really lucked out: she is not only highly educated and has a great deal of experience when it comes to working with children. She also brings a great deal of dedication, enthusiasm and joy to her work.

Mirjam Jutzi

Caretaker Kids Space

Sylviane is our Tadah Grandmother. Since her own grandchild has started going to kindergarten every morning, she looks forward to having more children around her. And they enjoy listening to a patient grandmother telling them great stories.

Sylviane Steiner

Tadah Grandma

Tadah Advisory Board

Kathrin Puhan

Founder, connector, specialist in Smart City

Gian à Porta

Entrepreneur and Investor

Bettina Jecklin

Managing Director of Kindervilla Abraxas, Political Scientist MA

Nadine Caprez

Co-Managing Director of GO!, Accounting and Finances

Hannes Gassert

Entrepreneur and politician

Michael Stucky

Business Coach ETH Zürich & Innosuisse

Opening times & contact

Opening Hours

From May 11th:
Mo-Fr: 8am-6pm
Closed on 21th of may


Albisriederstrasse 253
8047 Zürich

Phone & E-Mail

+41 44 554 22 00


Tram 3 to Siemens; Bus 33 to Hubertus; Bus 89 to Albisrank;
Visitor parking available